Tyler Kennedy Stent


Tyler Kennedy Stent's "The River Beneath the River" Watercolour on Canvas painting original art for sale product

The River beneath the River

AUD $2700

Tyler Kennedy's Bio

Tyler Kennedy Stent Bio Image

Tyler Kennedy Stent B. 1997
Tyler is drawn to exploring the inner conflicts between the rationality of our intentions as human beings and the irrational universes, we nevertheless construct.

He is particularly interested in portraying the darker spectrum of the human psyche and intensifies its expression aesthetically by manipulating watercolours to create vibrancy, iridescence and emotional depth in his portraits. There is a strong narrative aspect to his works which often capture absurd but layered moments in the unique lived experience of those he paints.

He has collaborated with multiple NGOs, painted murals in several countries and held several successful solo shows, including one in London. He has also produced interdisciplinary works, including an award-winning illustrated book with the late Donna Rutherford, entitled “Moireach.”.

He is currently immersed in a collaboration with cultural anthropologist, Sophie-Claire Violette, creating a series of artworks in conversation with black feminism.

His works can be seen in the UK, New Zealand, and now, Australia.

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