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You want only the best for your art collection, and so do we. At Ex Animo Art, we are art lovers and collectors and understand how important it is to find the right framing for your art.

Our art framing service aims to complement your piece and connect it with you and your home – this might match your interior design, unify an art collection or enhance a focal point.

Custom framing is truly personal to you, your home and the piece.


We have a wide selection of highest-quality framing materials to choose from, with styles that range from classic to contemporary. Your consultation demonstration will use frame and mount samples to quickly discover your preferences and which combinations are the most beautiful with your artwork.

We will help you to choose a suitable specification of frame for your project – ranging from straightforward picture frames to specialised conservation framing. We can make professional frames for a wide variety of items, such as frames for mirrors, and object framing for keepsakes and clothing.

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Ex Animo Art uses the best quality conservation framing materials:

  • All frames are made from top-grade timber, and our picture hanging materials are first-class for a reliable, high-quality art installation.
  • We can glaze with UV glass which protects your item from yellowing or fading and reduces reflections.
  • Museum quality mount boards are available, which are acid-free so that they will not degrade your item.

Our additional services can help get your prized possessions up on the wall to enjoy. A pick up service, delivery, and hanging service are available; as well as printing, canvas stretching, object and jersey framing, mirror framing and restoration.

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