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Liz Gray's Wild but Real Expectations oil painting original art for sale product

Wild but Real Expectations

AUD $5200

Liz's Bio

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Liz Gray is an Australian based artist known for her large emotive paintings of the feminine form engaging with nature and most recently her new collection of luscious floral works. Merging representation with abstraction in increasing degrees, she conveys the intensity of sensory experiences. Her dynamic technique combines palette knife applied impasto with colour washes that run freely across the canvas. Liz’s work reflects the impermanence and transient beauty of the world we live in, but hope is always firmly present.

Her collection of women in water is filled with exuberant joy while birds in other works, depict and embody many of humanity’s hopes and dreams.

Liz completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Rhodes University in South Africa, where she studied under some of the best landscape painters of the country and embraced their large scale, monumental approach to painting. Australia has been her home since 2006 and she is deeply inspired by its unique combination of stark, rugged beauty and exotic tropical features. Her two daughters are often her muses and she regularly photographs them swimming in the pristine West Australian waters and interacting with the fascinating birds and floral beauty.

Liz enjoys working with clients all over the world, and her work hangs in private homes and corporations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. A recent statement from a client captured the essence of a large-scale work, “this piece has given our space a soul”.

She is presently working on a public artwork for the City of Vincent in Perth. The 5.5m work on copper cut-outs will portray figures, flowers and birdlife, interacting and connecting with each other but from a distance, in the spirit of the Covid-19 world.

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