Dainis Zakis


Dainis Zakis' "Dayton House" Acrylic on Canvas original painting for sale product

Dayton House

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 60 x 90cm
Framed: 63 x 93cm

AUD $1200

Dainis Zakis' "Poolside Living" Acrylic on Canvas original painting for sale product

Poolside Living

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 80 x 120cm
Framed: 83 x 123cm

AUD $1850

Dainis's Bio

Dainis Zakis Bio Image

Dainis Zakis is an Adelaide-based mixed media artist who transitioned into the art world after retiring as an accountant in 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Art and completed a Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours) at the University of South Australia in 2019. Dainis collaborates with various tools to create his work, aiming to discover new and unexpected outcomes. He is continuously exploring and experimenting with various techniques to develop his craft.

Dainis’ artworks are abstract and originate from his own imagination, with the sole purpose of being visually appealing. The digital format allows for versatility in the presentation of his creations, as they can be modified in medium, size, and orientation.

Currently, Dainis is working on a concept that aims to imbue each copy of an artifact with a unique identity by introducing an element of randomness into the creation process, resulting in subtle variations with each iteration.

His works are meant to be appreciated through the viewer’s personal instincts and experience, without any prerequisite knowledge or the need to decipher hidden messages. Dainis follows a philosophy of “it is what it is” when creating his art.

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