I Love Mum Exhibition

Date: May 13, 2023

Time: 6:00 pm


134 King William Road
Hyde Park

Ex Animo Art warmly invites you to an exceptional art exhibition, featuring brilliant New Zealand Artist Tyler Kennedy Stent, and renowned mother and photographer Gail Stent.

Tyler Kennedy Stent is a renowned New Zealand artist who specialises in watercolour and mixed media.

Gail Stent, the Award-winning photographer from Auckland, NZ, is passionate about underwater and creative fine art photography. She pursues unconditionally the “art of photography” rather than conventional image taking. For Gail, photography is a way of seeing, thinking and feeling.

Through his art, Tyler manipulates the watercolour form to create vibrancy, iridescence, and emotional depth that truly captures the essence of his subjects.

Commencing at 6 pm, our art-filled evening will be delighted with culinary pleasures from former Michelin-star chef Anthony, utilising both traditional and modern approaches.

Celebrated with music, local Barossa Valley Winery ‘Hare’s Chase’ will make a guest appearance. Their exceptional vineyard wines will perfectly complement the evening’s festivities.

Tickets $25

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