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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1971, Noemi Safir lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She studied the art of painting at the Institute of Art, Bat-Yam, Israel. Despite her love for art, Naomi’s life led her through many different roads and difficulties, but it eventually brought her in front of her real destiny. Her works depict scenes from her life and the natural environment which she first records by photography or sketching. Then, Noemi filters the captured moments through her own feelings and emotions and transforms them into monumental artworks using a broad palette and remnants from the pop culture.


Her art has been displayed in New York, Miami, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv and her works are part of private collections and public venues. Noemi’s rich sense of colour emerges from her own reflection of life with both its beauty and its struggle intertwined. It is her colourful pallet, the modern mega-pixel fragmentation of the image defining her painting technique and the breathtaking size of her artwork that makes her art unique, memorable and possibly imposing.

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