Charlotte Elizabeth Lane


Charlotte Elizbeth Lane's "She Likes the Sun" Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas painting original art for sale product

She Likes the Sun

Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 140 x 140

AUD $6900

Charlotte Elizbeth Lane's "Frost Moon" Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas painting original art for sale product

Frost Moon

Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 120 x 120
Framed: 123 x 123

AUD $5700

Charlotte Elizabeth's Bio

artist Charlotte Elizbeth Lane Bio Image

Charlotte began her career in paint as a Theatrical scenic artist almost 20 years ago. Learning her skills from some of the best scenic artists in the world she was fortunate enough to work on incredible projects both for stage and screen all over the globe.
A change in direction came, inspired by a move to Asia and the birth of her daughter, Charlotte fully explored a new freedom of expression and finally exhibited her own personal work.
Her initial series ‘Singapore Skies’ was met with much acclaim and continues to be exhibited in Asia, Australia and Europe.
Returning to the U.K. inspiration abounded and several series later Charlotte continues to be fascinated by the world above and the power of nature.The most recent ‘Lunar’ series celebrates the majesty of the monthly full moon, each painting only worked on during the few days when the moon is at it’s fullest to truly harness the moment of natural energy.
Charlotte’s works are exhibited world wide and have been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions and in multiple prestigious private collections.

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