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You want only the best for your art collection, and so do we. At Applecross Art, we are art lovers and collectors and understand how important it is to find the right framing for your art.

Come for an art consultation and relax at our premises in leafy Applecross Village (alternatively we offer a pick-up and delivery service). Our art framing service aims to complement your piece and connect it with you and your home – this might match your interior design, unify an art collection or enhance a focal point.

Custom framing is truly personal to you, your home and the piece.


Finding a great piece of art for your interior design can enhance your space and enrich your world.

Here at Ex Animo Art, we know that finding excellent contemporary art takes time and commitment. Let us do the work for you and help in finding the right piece of art.

Many clients say ‘I don’t know how to decorate my walls’ when they visit. This might be because…

  • They find it hard to visualise how a painting will fit with their interior decorating.
  • They might not have the time that they would like to spend finding the perfect piece of beautiful art.
  • Or perhaps they have a keen interest in art, but lack the confidence to start their own collection.

If you are considering getting help to find art, let it find you with Ex Animo Art’s In-House Service.

The ‘In-House Service’ is art consulting tailored to you, which brings the art directly into your home or workplace. Choose your favourites from the gallery or website, ask us to add our recommendations for suitable art, or let us curate a bespoke selection just for you.

We can provide an art consultation in your home; discuss your preferences and interests, see your existing interior design, and find the right pieces to fit the size of your walls or recesses.

As well as offering in-store pick up, we can present the pieces in your own home so you can decide what art to buy by seeing the works in your space.

To finish it off – we offer bespoke framing and professional art installation to ensure that your new piece is finished to the finest quality.

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