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Nature, connection and compassion thread through Jane Smeets’ artwork. Living on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia has directed her attention to nature’s life cycles, supporting creative expression and appreciation for the region’s natural beauty. Her previous role as an arts psychotherapist in palliative services has significant influence on her art practice. Working with people facing end of life has raised her awareness of caring for life and the natural world. Humans and nature are not separate, and holistic care as a living system depends on the health of its organs and tissues – its land, seas, rivers, plants and creatures. Jane’s large-scale mixed media paintings of birdlife and kangaroos invite the viewer to cultivate wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

Jane Smeets’ recent oil paintings depict human engagement in nature. From a position of curiosity and observation she explores the underpinning tension relating to the importance of care and well being relating to humans and the natural environment.

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