Ink & Oil on Aluminium Panels
Size: 40 x 30 cm

Coast: ‘you don’t need to be amazing to start but you do need to start to be amazing’ – Zig Zigla

Suzy’s use of orbs and fluid forms interwoven with the natural forms we recognise, such as boats and trees, evokes a more profound understanding of the earth. These pieces are a snapshot of another world, another place, another way. Composed of oils and inks, Suzy explores the landscape that has been the backdrop to her fortunate life. Recognised for her archival technique of creating fine art on shimmering aluminium panels, her work is modern and slimline. The paint presents differently on the aluminium. Under lights, these works come alive, and they appear to be lit from within. Flecked with gold, the complex colour layers have visual depth. These flowing landscapes draw the viewer in with startling colours and drifting lines to reveal what sits just outside of what we know.

AUD$ 550

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